So You Want to Know More About Me?

About Me The Primal Nut

Well let’s see. I am in my thirties (don’t ask me specifics and yes I’m one of those). I am the only child (you can stop saying oh oh now). I love cooking (I can make a damn good meal but love learning/creating new recipes). I am obsessed with learning about food (living 80%-90% paleo and convinced that processed food is killing us). Sometimes I wish I had a farm (but make sure Target is no farther that 10 minutes away). I am obsessed with my dogs (once again, yes I’m one of those and proud of it). I love a good adventure (but many things terrify me). My love for travel is also a curse (I don’t think I will ever be done or content with the amount of traveling I have done). I enjoy photography (but should really learn more about this really nice camera I own). I love a good DIY and an eye for decorating seems to come easily (I wish someone would pay me to decorate my own house). I am married to a very patient and very loving man (I do enjoy pushing that patients level though). I have found yoga in my life (and thank goodness I have). I have lived/worked in 7 states in the past 10 years (now I’m just getting greedy and want to keep exploring). My favorite season is summer (I always look forward to the time I can whip out the fall attire). I was born in Brazil (but Texas was my home for the vast majority of my life). And probably last but not least I am always looking for a new project of some kind (I guess that is why I started a blog). I always have a lot going on but that keeps my life interesting and I get to be inspired by many different things.

“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien