Harvest Bark (Pumpkin Seeds, Dried Cranberries & Chocolate)

Pumpkin Seed Cranberry Chocolate

Harvest Bark (Pumpkin Seeds, Dried Cranberries & Chocolate)

Fall is the time of the year that so many people look forward to because of the amazing food that fall harvest brings.

2 staples on just about every Thanksgiving table is pumpkin something and cranberry sauce/dressing. Since these two ingredients are so popular I wanted to try to incorporate them into a delicious easy to make recipe that would give them a whole new life.

If there is one ingredient that I can claim to be one of my personal favorites it would have to be chocolate. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!

What do I love with my chocolate?

Something crunchy and something sweet since I tend to go for a more bitter, higher percentage chocolate.

In the past I have added almonds or peanuts to my homemade chocolate desserts but in trying to get into the spirit of the season and still trying to honor Thanksgiving, which seems to be getting more and more looked over due to our obsession with Christmas, I decided to make a chocolate dessert using 2 of Thanksgivings most popular ingredients.

Pumpkin and cranberries. More specifically I used unsalted pumpkin seeds and unsweetened dried cranberries.

Those 2 are so yummy and awesome in so many recipes so why not add a little chocolate to the mix? So I made a Chocolate, Pumpkin Seed, Cranberry Bark. 

Who doesn’t love a delicious holiday bark? This one is so easy and it is guaranteed to be a hit at your Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving and Fall Potluck.

All you need to pickup at the grocery store or click on the links below to have these shipped right to your door, is a bag of your favorite chocolate chips, unsalted pumpkin seeds and some unsweetened dried cranberries. THAT’S IT!

I made this recipe COMPLETELY grain free, gluten free, nut free, soy free and diary free. WOOHOO!

Below are the amazing ingredient I used for this recipe.

Harvest Bark (Pumpkin Seeds, Dried Cranberries & Chocolate)

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  • 20 oz chocolate chips
  • 3 oz unsweetened dried cranberries
  • 4 oz roasted unsalted shelled pumpkin seeds



Melt chocolate in a double boiler


Pour melted chocolate into a parchment paper lined baking sheet


Mix in the cranberries and pumpkin seeds


Place in the refrigerator and cool until chocolate hardens


Once hardened, break apart hardened bark by hand in rough pieces or cut apart with a large knife.






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