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Hurricane Irma Evacuation Trip Part 2 of 3

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Part 2 is so much better than part 1!

After waking up from another super comfy and much needed sleep we made our way to another morning of an amazing free breakfast provided by the folks at the Etowah Valley Golf and Resort. Our room was located about 2 blocks from where breakfast was served every morning so we leashed up The Girls, put on some warm clothes (EEEEEK 🙂  I LOVE WINTER WEAR) and began our short walk to our morning nourishment. As we made our way to the sidewalk we were graced with this gorgeous view. There was so much fog and the sun was just in the most perfect spot that morning that it felt like we were in a beautiful painting. We enjoyed our walk through the fog and came upon a covered pavilion with about a dozen picnic tables neatly distributed throughout. I left There Girls with Alex and made my way into the breakfast hall. I requested 2 to-go containers and served ourselves up another great breakfast of bacon and eggs, grabbed some coffee and headed back out to the pavilion to enjoy an outdoor breakfast in the pavilion.

After breakfast we headed back to the the room to change and decide what we were going to do that day. Anything we did had to be dog friendly because we weren’t leaving these cuties behind. As Alex showered I took some time to enjoy the amazing weather in the 70s and sat out on our porch soaking in the lack of humidity after the sun burned the fog off.

We decided to spend the day at Carrier Park in Asheville. This is a park that is right on the French Broad River and has water front walking trails, a variety of sports fields and and is super pet friendly. We found a parking spot next to a large field where there was quite the crowd gathered to watch a rugby game. We hung out for a while to watch and then began our mild hike around the park. We didn’t have to walk very far before I had to stop and look at these amazing berries. I have no idea what kind of bush this is but look at these colors. If anyone knows please tell me. Just pass the bush with the beautiful berries was the river. It was large and it was moving.

We literally spent our whole day at Carrier Park. Without any other plans for the day we took out time walking around and exploring everything that the park had to offer. There were so many dogs everywhere and I was so happy to see that people actually keep their dogs on leash there. As we walked we talked about how much fun we were having and how this evacuation trip was so needed after so many months of working our tails off. We saw people floating down the river, which reminded us of our days at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX where floating the river is practically part of your core curriculum. And of course we stopped to take pictures. Because if we didn’t it just wouldn’t be a trip with me.

After the park headed to Biltmore Park Town Square for explore their shops and grab an early dinner. Biltmore Park was awesome. Cute shops, people strolling the street everywhere and so pet friendly. We thought this day couldn’t get any better an then we saw an REI and an Orvis right across the street from each other. I made my way into REI ( if they would let me I would invest in a  corner of the store to pitch a tent and move in) and of course made my way out with a new Patagonia bag (I really do have a problem). We then headed to Orvis where dogs are always welcome. I have been into Orvis many times but never with one of The Girls. I don’t think I have ever been so welcomed in a store like we were that day. The staff were amazing. EVERYONE was so helpful and so sweet. We chatted about their products but most of our time was spent chatting about dogs and their store. The Girls were given so many treats that I t
hought they were considering moving in there and we could just be across the street neighbors (me at REI and them at Orvis) instead of going back home together. The amazing store employees sent us home with a free box of their awesome organic treats. So cool!

After Orvis we just walked. It was awesome. We found our way to a burrito place for dinner that we could sit out on their patio with The Girls. I wasn’t aware at the time but this place was a local to Asheville restaurant. Neo Burrito. I have been to many of these build your own bowl or burrito places and Neo definitely fits into one of the top 3. The food was so delicious and fresh tasting and they had so many options. I was even able to ask for a handful of cilantro on my salad bowl and they complied. Way to go Neo Burrito!

I was on cloud 9. What an awesome day. After dinner we headed back to the hotel to spend the rest of the evening just relaxing and spending more quality time together. The Girls were pooped. They ate their dinner and in a timely fashion crashed on the bed with me and Alex. It was the perfect end to a very awesome day. We had another big day planned for tomorrow so we turned the light off and and went to bed.









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