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Terra Fermata Stuart, FL

Before moving to Stuart, I have lived in so many large cities or in the suburbs of large cities I became used to having just about anything at my finger tips. From restaurants to theaters to live music, it has all been extremely accessible to me. Regardless of where we have lived the one thing that my husband and I always tend to look for when we are exploring a new establishment is the outdoor seating situation. We love to sit outside, have a drink and if there is live music then we are set for the night.

After moving to Stuart, FL almost a year ago, we began to search for local spots to claim as our hangout destination. When we talked to people around town about what there is to do in Stuart the overwhelming answer for live music was Terra Fermata. “They have live music every night” they all said. Every night? So of course, turning to the internet we found quite the events calendar on the Terra Fermata website. My first night there was on a Monday night for a drum circle. Having just moved from Denver I could not believe that there was a spot in Stuart, FL that hosted a weekly drum circle. I never expected it. The one thing about Terra Fermata is that they truly do cater to just about any musical preference. Whether you are into reggae, classic rock or blues, you can find a night that will speak to that beat deep down in your soul. They even offer an open mic night right after the drum circles on Monday night.

I spoke to the owner of Terra Fermata, Ron Hart, about his live music venue before he headed to Arizona this summer. When I asked him about he initial vision for Terra Fermata mentioned that at 1st site, the property would be a great spot to build a club house and throwparties there. It then morphed into building a wine and beer garden. Hart’s 1st career was in horticulture and he thought the idea combining beautiful gardens and fancy wine and beer seemed like a great idea for this spot. Hart, also the owner of Earth Tones in downtown Stuart, at the time had begun shrinking his garden art selection at the shop and moving more toward selling clothing and gifts and moved the remnants of his garden art to what is now Terra Fermata. It was at this time that he began to think more about bringing music to his new endeavor. He said “it seemed natural to me to put my two passions which would be gardening and music together.” It was on opening day that he decided that he wanted to build the go-to music venue in Stuart and have live music every night from there on out. Even at his grand opening he wasn’t sure of what kind of place was opening but he had his wine and beer licenses in place and the venue was decked out in tiki huts and garden art. To his surprise 300 people showed up that Friday night for drinks and live music, then 300 people showed up on Saturday night for the same thing. On Sunday morning after another late night, he woke up, opened his eyes and thought “wow, this ain’t no hobby.” He realized that we need music in the town and on Monday when he got to work his whole perspective had changed, ” to hell with a garden center, we need a music venue.”

Hart credits his staff for helping him run such a successful business and the challenging demand of lining up live music every night of the week.  Most bands that you will find on any given night at Terra Fermata are touring bands while local bands also make an appearance occasionally. And if you want to enjoy a drink with your music, the bar at Terra Fermata hosts a large variety of craft beers and ciders and also offers a selection of wines for those who prefer it.

When asked about the future of Terra Fermata and whether he plans on ever serving food, he says that “There are plans to serve food in the future. It’s a big secret right now and I can’t talk about it.” I guess we have more to look forward to at the go-to live music venue in Stuart, FL. We have really enjoyed our time at Terra Fermata and I think you will too.

On a final note, when I asked Hart how he would describe Terra Fermata to someone who has never been there before he said. “It’s like going to a concert on Gilligan’s Island. Terra Fermata is like you are on a day cruise on your yellow submarine and you get marooned at Gilligan’s Island and there happens to be a band there.”


Terra Fermata Drum Circle Stuart, Florida

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