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Gelatin for Dogs

Gelatin for Dogs

Recently collagen supplements have become super popular in the Paleo world (even for our dogs, hence this blog post about gelatin for dog). There are so many different brand of collagen peptides that you can buy now to use in whatever fashion you desire. People are putting them in their coffee, in smoothies and so many other out of the box recipes. The one thing about supplements that’s interesting is when they become very popular we tend to see our favorite bloggers using or promoting a certain brand and that is all we want right? If it is a blogger you trust I’m sure the brand that they are sharing is awesome but there are so many varieties out there. Remember to shop around to find what fits your budget. That is what I have had to do. I will be sharing the collagen peptides I use in a future post but right now I want to bring up another supplement that we tend to over look and that is GELATIN.

Gelatin and collagen are VERY similar. GELATIN is made by cooking the connective tissues, skin and bones of animals releasing the collagen from those parts.  The main difference really is that then the COLLAGEN is heated at a higher temperature breaking down some of its amino acids. Because these amino acids have been broken down the collagen  powder will not gel when added to a liquid. In the gelatin, since the amino acids haven’t been broken down as far in the drying process, when liquid is added to it, it will once again gel.  So you see these come from the same source. The proteins in one are just broken down further than the other. This is why you are not eating cold brew jello in the morning, which actually sounds kind of awesome now that I mention it.

What are some of the benefits of gelatin?

Because most of us only eat the muscle meat from an animal, we are missing out on so many extremely important benefits that come from eating “the rest” of the animal. When we eat gelatin (which remember, is made from the skin, connective tissues and bones) we get the reap the benefits of stronger and healthier skin, joints, and bones ourselves. I would say that those things alone are worth it don’t you? One major benefit in my eyes is the gut health benefits.  Remember if our gut is not functioning properly how is it supposed to do it’s job properly and digest all the food we eat and absorb all the nutrients we feed it everyday? In my opinion, this gelatin/collagen business is pretty important don’t your think?

So what about gelatin for dogs?

Now let’s talk about dogs. As much as we love and care for our fur kids we should be showing their skin, joints, bones, and guts the same amount love wouldn’t you agree? Wild dogs would be consuming these parts of their prey hence receiving these benefits in the wild. Our 9 year old boxer Marley has started showing signs of aging. She has slowed down a little, if she sits or lays in the same spot for a while when she gets up she is a little stiff, and when she forgets that she is not a puppy anymore and runs, jumps and fetches  sticks into any type watering hole she will definitely feel it the next day and you can always tell she is a little sore. I wish I had started her on a gelatin regimen earlier in life but better late than never right.

I recently decided to make some bone broth for me and my husband and in the process of always making more than I have jars to store it in I decided to set some aside to give to my puppy heads. The easiest way for me to serve it to them would be in treat form. I decided to make puppy bone broth gummies. I used a large rectangular glass pyrex  dish to make it in and combined the bone broth and the gelatin mix.

The gelatin mix that I use is Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin. This brand is Paleo friendly, non-GMO, and from pasture raised cows. Needless to say, my little puppy girls have absolutely loved it. I can give them some ” jellies” as treats anytime of the day and not feel guilty that what I’m giving them isn’t doing anything for them. Not only do they find these delicious but they are so healthy for them. Win win!!


Gelatin for Dogs

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Serves: 4 Cups


  • 4 tbsp gelatin
  • 4 cups bone broth



1. In a large bowl Sprinkle gelatin into 2 cups of cold bone broth. Try to not dump it all in the same spot. Swirl it around and let it sit in the broth for a few minutes to begin dissolving


2. Heat remaining 2 cups of broth to a boil and combine and stir it with the cold bone broth in the bowl making sure that all the gelatin dissolves.


3. Pour into molds or any desired shallow dish and place in the refrigerator to solidify. This may take a few hours. If preparing in a flat dish, cut into cubes after hardening to make serving easier.


This is homemade bone broth so I do have extra fat in there and some tiny bits from the chicken still left in the broth. If you do not want this in your broth use an extra fine strainer.

Bone Broth Gelatin Gummies for Dogs





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