My Primal Pups

My Primal Pups

The statement that the dog is man’s best friend was first recorded as being made by Frederick II, King of Prussia, referring to one of his Italian greyhounds as his best friend sometime in the 1700s. Wow that is a long time ago.

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a huge animal lover. I’m not one of those people that just thinks dogs are cool, I truly view my dogs as members of my family. They are my babies. I have always been a big animal lover. From the time I can remember I wanted to work with animals. I have had many amazing opportunities to do so and they are not over yet. But let’s stick to dogs (and my dogs in particular).


Marley pic


My husband and I have a 9 year old Boxer named Marley and a 3 year old Boston Terrier named Blue. If we want to get formal here Marley’s full name is Marley Brown and Blue’s full name is Lucy Blue. Now you may think that the color middle names are weird but hear me out. Marley being a boxer is brown in color (as most boxers are) so we started calling her “Brown Dog”. Then it morphed into “Marley Brown” but along that morphing process she was and still is called Mar, Mar Mar, Mar Brown, Marty, Marty Brown, Brownie, Brown Brown, Farts, Farts McGarts, Marty Farty, Brown Butt, Brownie Boo, The Best, and yes just Marley as well. That poor dog will respond to any and all of those names.


Blue pic



Now to Blue. When we got her we decided to stay with in to 2 name trend and we had to add a color in there. The color part came easily. She has a half blue eye and we just thought the name Lucy was cute. So there you have it. Lucy Blue. But to true form we will never stick to just Blue (we only call her Lucy Blue when she is in trouble and she has never been called just Lucy). She is also called Boo, Boo Boo, Boo Butt, Booby, Booba-doo, Lully-lu, Doody-doo, Boopie, Boop-A-Doop, Blueby, and Boo Boos (with an s). Our poor  dogs. What human would love being called Doody-doo? No human! That is why dogs are awesome. Let’s not forget the collective terms for both of them… Puppy Heads, The Girdies or The Girls.



These girls mean the world to me and my husband. We treat them like our kids and are proud of it. The following are some of the reasons why they are our best friends.

They are a constant companion.

They love unconditionally.

You can trust them with ALL of your secrets.

They are the cutest dogs in the world (sorry guys but you would say the same about your dogs).

You will never feel lonely in the bathroom.

They love being adventurous with us.

You better gird your loins if you ring our door bell (we all hate solicitors in this house).

They know and understand all of our emotions.

They are amazing snugglers.

They give the best kisses.

Their feet have the most wonderful Fritos smell.

They will only judge you a little for a lazy day on the couch.

They are always down for some crazy shenanigans.


Knowing that this list could possibly go on forever I will end it on the look in their eyes when they see you. There is nothing better than a welcome from a dog.

The hardest part in my opinion about having a dog is that at some point you will lose them. We had to learn that very sad life lesson a year and a half ago. My first puppy best friend passed away at the young age of 8. She was also a Boston Terrier and I don’t think I have ever felt pain like that. She wasn’t just my best friend she was a rock in my life. We moved all over the country together and she was always there for me through the good times and the hard times. I miss her everyday and I know that much to her chagrin (although she didn’t really like other dogs) she would approve of us carrying on the Boston Terrier breed in our home.

I could never imagine a life without dogs. I truly feel like they make me a better person and I love the quote; ” Be the person your dog things you are”. I don’t think you can go wrong with that as a mantra in your life.

I will be talking a lot more about my dogs in the future so be prepared.

Until next time.



In loving memory of Tikina aka The Kina, Kina, Pumpkin Head, Punky Head, Punka Head, My Little Girl, Dirdle, Dirdle Gurdle, Punka Boo, Boo Boo Head, Punka Swindle, Punka Wunka, Swirley Dirdle, Kina Weena, Punka Dirdle, Curley Girly, Kina Dider, Dirdle, Wurdle, Didle Girl, The Punks, Chunky Wunkey, Kina Boo, Punky Wunkey, My Little Otter and The Little One.

Tikina Pic



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